Kindness, caring and compassion is what our Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary is all about. We are here for parrots that really need a loving home. We have a safe haven for parrots that can live the remainder of their days in a loving environment. Our aviaries are extremely spacious which allows our parrots to fly freely and use those big beautiful wings extensively. Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary was established for one reason only, to “provide a loving home for parrots that truly need us”. Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary is located on well over 200,000 square feet, surrounded by rolling streams of fresh water and luscious greenery. The ambiance of our sanctuary is breath taking. Each and every bird on this property received our undivided attention. We are not about numbers but all about providing each parrot the attention they so desperately deserve. We do have an extensive waiting list, however, those parrots requiring our immediate attention, we will truly try to accommodate.

We believe Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary and parrot rescue is the very best in the state of Florida. Your support is vital for our parrots and will make a real difference in their lives. We do not get money from any where but your donations and memberships. We are here to rescue parrots who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or have special needs. Unlike traditional shelters that emphasize adoption, Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary and Parrot Rescue primary purpose is to provide a permanent home with lifetime care and shelter for birds who are not suitable for adoption. Knowledge is power and the more people who know about parrots, where they come from, how to properly care for them, the better their lives will be. At Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary we need your help to have more flight aviary. If you can help us with cage wire for our parrots to have more room to fly or any other materials to make this happen or you like to help us feed our parrots, please donate now.

Every dollar helps and 100% of your donation is tax deductible
and goes directly to the rescue,rehab and give freedom to a parrot to fly again.

The parrot’s desperately need this facility and parrot sanctuary.
With the help of our friends and the generosity of our supporters, we will make it happen. Any help you can give to Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary, Inc is greatly appreciated.

Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary provide the following services Parrot Rescue Parrot Rehabilitation
& Sanctuary, Living Will & Estate Planning for your Exotic Birds