Volunteers are the lifeblood of animal rescue. Can you set aside some time to help in the rescue process? There are many ways in which you might be of service. If you are interested, please fill out the volunteer application and return it to the sanctuary.


Grant Writing

If you have experience in grant writing this might be perfect for you. There are many corporations, organizations and charitable foundations with grant money available. This can be done in your home in your spare time.


Foster Care

A foster home must be able to provide a safe, warm place isolated from other pets. The birds need lots of human contact to help develop confidence and social skills. Supplies such as pellets, cage paper, water and toys are generally supplied by the foster home. You must volunteer at Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary to qualify as a foster home. Please email us to enquire further.



This involves picking up animals from all over the state of Florida. Also you may be asked to pick up donations of pet foods and supplies. Sometimes we have as much as a day’s notice and need a driver immediately.


Make Toys

If you know how to make toys for parrots at home then you are welcome to make some and send it to us.



There may be other ways you’d like to help out. Tell us what you’re good at and how you’d like to use your talent.