I am a 10 year old Sun Conure that had a very bad start to my life. My previous mom and dad didn’t take very good care of me and they fought all the time. Sometimes I was very afraid for my life. They were always so mad at each other that they didn’t care for me. There were many days that I did not have food nor water. One day my dad took me somewhere I had never been before, then he left me. I was so afraid in this new place that I guess now it was my home. I was there for a very long time. I made one or two friends at this place they called a pet store. I wasn’t very happy though. Then one day a lady stopped by my house and she talked really nice to me. I liked her but I was not going to show her how I really felt. She visited me everyday for a while and would stop by my house to talk to me. One day she took me out of my house. I liked it when she held me…I bit her, because I didn’t want her to know how very much I liked her. She left the store but the next day she came back and this went on for over two weeks. One day I was minding my own business and all of a sudden someone was moving me and my house out of the store. The nice lady was holding me again. After a very short car ride we stopped. The people took my house out of the car and moved it into to this big house. That was the day the nice lady became my new Mom. I was so very happy for few years and then my mom lost her job. Mom and I were going to lose our big house and the only thing she was worried about was me. She was my mommy and I loved her so much. The new house my mom moved into was called a condo. Managers of my Mom’s new home said she could stay there but I could not. My mom started looking for a new home for me. Everyday she would cry and cry worrying about where I would have to live. One day my mom came home and she was very happy. She told me she found a new home for me that I would really like. She had visited this place called Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary. She took me to this place for a visit and I just loved it there. Mom and I both have new homes now. Mom comes to visit me and my new friends quite often. I also have very nice daddy that plays with me all the time, his name is Magic and I can tell he really loves me a lot.