Why People need to re-home their parrots ?

During an ailing economy, companion animals are hit especially hard when their owners feel that they can no longer afford to feed or keep them due to foreclosures or loss of income. There can be multitude of reasons but in many cases, people’s lives change, they marry, divorce, have a kid, grow older, become ill, have a financial decrease, deal with the death of a spouse, move into smaller quarters, or the simple desire to free oneself of the responsibility of care giving. Unfortunately, the avian community will need to find placements for millions of birds. The average length of time that a parrot spends with a family is between five and eight years. Considering that some of the larger parrots can live upwards of 80 years, some parrots can live in many homes throughout their lifetime. Some parrots become resentful of being bounced from home to home and they misbehave. Before long, no alternative exists but to kill perfectly healthy parrots because there is no loving and/or understanding home, or shelter to take them in. So can we save all these parrot that need a home? Of course not, but what we can do is build a place for the ones that we can save. We are not here to take every parrot out there, but just a few parrots that we really can take care of and make sure they have the best life they can have for rest of their lives. So our plan is to give them a very big aviary, lots of love and freedom to fly in a big aviary. After all, they have wings to fly and it is so sad that you see so many of them in captivity that hardly ever get to use their wings and enjoy flying.

Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary is well over 200,000 square feet in Tampa, Florida, but we can not do it alone, we need your help. For you and your parrot to be a part of our sanctuary, you need to become a member.