Is your Parrot intelligent? Smart enough to talk? Would you like your Parrot to talk to you? Do you know how to teach your Parrot to talk?

Most people only think that African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos or the larger Macaw Parrots are the only parrots that can talk. This is incorrect! Any parrot can learn to talk! All they need is the proper instruction.

Did you know that if you show enthusiasm over each phrase that you teach your parrot, he will pick up on your excitement?

When your parrot is ready to learn something, you’ll see him stop and stare intently at you. His pupils will change as you speak or whistle. Try writing up a list of a few words, sentences, or even sounds that you eventually want your parrot to learn and recite them to your parrot whenever you remember. It is always best to repeat words with the same actions or at the same time of day, such as “Good Night”, every night before you put your Parrot to sleep.

Keep in mind that you should always have a conversation with your Parrot rather than just talking to your Parrot. Try not to repeat a word over and over again, but instead have a chat with him. Describe to your Parrot what you are doing and always ask him what he is doing too. Remember to say hello when you come home and good bye when you leave for the day. Tell him you are going to work when you leave for work, tell him you’re home when you return and ask him if he wants a something like when you are giving him an apple .

When teaching your parrot to talk, keep in mind that most of the larger hand-fed parrots, like African Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws may live up to 70 years or longer, if given a good diet and proper care. What sounds do you want to hear for the next seventy years? Obviously, if you don’t like opera, then don’t teach it to your parrot. A popular song or catchphrase today might be out of style tomorrow.

Are you careful when you speak in front of your Parrot?

Be careful of profanity, too. Many Parrots have had to find new homes because of their profane vocabulary, which is unfair to the parrot since he probably learned those words hoping to please his owner in the first place!

Another tip to remember when you want to start teaching your parrot to talk, is the location of his cage. Always place your parrot in a setting where he can learn from people, such as in the living room or family room. If your Parrot is in the company of good conversation and there is a lot of good stimulation as well as the right environment, then you will have a talking Parrot in no time!

Here are some of the Best Talkers

African Grey parrot
Amazon Parrot
Indian Ring Neck
Blue & Gold Macaw
Umbrella Cockatoo
Rose Breasted Cockatoo