A Conure is commonly found in most parts of South and Central America. Conures are also known for their sweet disposition and playfulness. However, Conures are noisy and almost all have loud voices with the exception of the small Pyrhurra Conures.

It is fairly easy to take care of Conures. A Conure’s cage requires frequent cleaning with daily changes of food and water. Conures have the habit of dipping their pellets and other foods in their water dish before eating which results to a very dirty water dish. This would then require cleaning the dish every day or possibly even more often. A Conure’s personality can be active, playful, bold and affectionate. They are great at learning tricks and are affectionate clowns that make them fun to own. Some Conures are outgoing while others are one-person birds. It usually chooses a favorite person which it will allow some liberties that will not be given to others. Conures can be nippy with people they don’t know but this can easily be corrected by careful training.

Conures are not known to be talkers but most will speak some words if you work with them . There will be occasional ear-splitting screeches which are especially painful when it is done while the bird is resting on your shoulder. Their “voices” are not as clear as some of the larger parrots but their owners understand what they are saying. There is no guarantee that a pet Conure will talk but it helps to talk to them often and clearly.

Baths are especially loved by Conures. Bathing tubs that provide room to splash and spread its wings are the most ideal. The Conure should be wrapped gently with a towel and held closely by the owner until it is dry.

Conures need 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Most seem to prefer going to sleep in the dark. A suitable cage cover would help create the necessary mood. With the right care and attention, Conures can live up to 25 years, sometimes even longer