Caiques are fast making their mark in the world of aviculture. They have bright and festive coloring, plus very playful and active personalities. They are friendly, outgoing, and curious with a talking ability that is entertaining and more than adequate. Seemingly, Caiques possess the traits that are considered desirable in a pet parrot. The size of this parrot is small but heavy. Its body is built compact and stocky with a barrel-like chest and short, square shaped tail. The average weight of an adult Caique is approximately 150 to 175 grams and their average expected lifespan is 30 years. They have a comparatively narrow wing span, which along with their weight prevents them from flying long distances. Caiques have a tendency to group together in treetops in their natural habitat. The chattering and verbal interactions among them are quite loud.

Other parrot species would find it difficult to surpass the overall pet potential of Caiques. They are quite rambunctious, energetic and are social and happy-go-lucky by nature. Caiques exhibit coordination even in their natural daily antics of climbing, swinging, tumbling, wrestling, rolling, hanging, jumping and even bunny-hopping. This activity has been noted to be specific to Caiques although the etiology is unknown. They have a strong desire to be pet and cuddled more than the other species.

They require a multitude of toys to hold their attention. They are partial to anything that makes noise and assists them in their activities such as bells, balls, ropes and hoops. Swings rank high on their list of favorites. Due to the high level of activity, toys should withstand a Caique’s hard play. However, Caiques need destructible wooden toys that will satisfy their chewing instincts just like other companion parrots.

A Caique’s talking ability is not totally impressive but they speak well enough to be understood, especially if listened to closely. Their voices are tiny and high pitched, similar to that of a Budgie. They easily learn whistling musical tunes and shows preference in mimicking those whistled by their employers rather than those heard in radio or television.

Caiques have no special dietary requirements. Pellets supplemented with fruits, vegetables and other food common to parrots will satisfy their needs and requirements. It is recommended that natural green branches are readily provided to answer the Caique’s fondness for chewing.