The African Grey Parrot is one of the most popular species of parrots.
African Grey Parrots are really beautiful birds that also have the added benefit of being one of the easiest parrot species to train. They originally come from Central Africa and are well known for being extremely intelligent and very quick learners, especially when it comes to talking.

They can grow to be anywhere between 10 and 14 inches tall, which means they are considered a medium sized parrot. There are two types of African Greys for you to choose from – the Timneh African Grey and the Congo African Grey. The Timneh is charcoal grey with a maroon tail, where as the Congo is light grey with a red tail.

African Grey Parrots can live for up to sixty years, so you will need to carefully consider this before buying one – it could very easily outlive you!

African Greys live in flocks in the wild and they are extremely sociable birds. They have a need to belong to a flock and your family can definitely fulfill this need! Having said that, they don’t particularly like being handled a great deal so they aren’t the best kind of parrot if you want lots of hands-on time with your pet.